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Medical Die Cut Tape Adhesive Solutions

The advantages of our Continuous Partner Involvement approach are matched only by our global presence across medical supply chains. Stokvis Tapes, with our global footprint, has the ability to serve you locally with the ability to localize manufacturing and project manage in a structured, efficient manner, be it on a local or global multisite perspective. As a key market focus, from concept to full scale production Stokvis Tapes’ converting specialists, material experts and design engineers work with you through all the stages of product development and manufacturing.

Healthcare - Why Stokvis Tapes

Why Stokvis Tapes

Stokvis Tapes will help you improve your production process, reduce costs, help you develop new products and sell more. How we do this?

  • Knowledgeable and experienced material and converting specialists within the healthcare market.
  • Global reach – local support.
  • Quality: ISO 13485 certified production facilities
  • ISO 7 & ISO 8 cleanroom production facilities with bioburden controls.
  • Stokvis Tapes is the world’s largest independent converter of self-adhesive components.
  • Innovative, cost-effective solutions for simple to complex needs.
  • Full spectrum of rotary, flatbed and laser die cutting to match your needs.
  • Technical support & lab testing.
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Healthcare - Wearables

Wearable Technologies

We offer adhesive solutions for drug delivery pump securement adhesive; patient monitoring/sensing device interface components; glucose monitoring securement; medical device securement and many more.

Healthcare - Diagnostics

Diagnostic/Life Science

Stokvis Tapes converts and fabricates pressure sensitive (PSA) and non-PSA materials used in life sciences and diagnostics. We work with materials that are ideal for in-vitro diagnostics in both automated and manual laboratory environments.

Healthcare - Devices

Medical Device/Adhesive Components

We are strategically involved with medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEM). With more than 380 converting machines we can supply various types of die-cut, laminated, slit medical tape products.

Healthcare - Wound Care

Wound Care

We convert and fabricate adhesive systems for wound care that are non-sensitizing and non-migratory. The adhesives that we use are highly breathable and long-lasting. Many of our wound care applications involve latex-free adhesives to reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.

Healthcare - Consumer Healthcare Products

Consumer Healthcare Products

For cosmeceutical and nutraceutical components (vitamins and other active ingredients); specialty wound and burn treatment products; fashion tapes and specialty retail adhesive components, Stokvis Tapes is your trusted partner.

Medical Adhesives & Materials

We are dedicated to supply only high quality products that match our cutomers specifications and tolerances with a level of service that meets their most demanding requirements.

  • Stick to Skin Adhesives

Skin is a difficult surface to adhere to. It is an elastic, rough surface that is not flat. Contaminants like oil, moisture, hair, follicles and dirt can be present. To meet these challenges we offer stick to skin adhesive solutions like silicone, acrylic, rubber and hydrocolloid tested to ISO:10993 standards.

  • Diagnostic films and tapes
  • Single coated non-woven & woven tapes
  • Single and double coated foam tapes
  • Velcro solutions
  • Hydrocolloid and Hydrogel materials
  • Mesh & Membranes
  • Speciality films and foams
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