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Stokvis Tapes provides a large variety of repulpable and non-repulpable splicing tapes and web repair tapes to meet your demands.

When choosing Stokvis Tapes as a supplier, you do not only benefit from the many advantages of a large product range we can offer, but we also guarantee a reliable service and support.  


Web repair

To repair failures in the web, Stokvis Tapes die cuts are an ideal solution for patching holes

Machine infeed
Used to feed in the new web when a machine is restarted after a break of a fresh start

Manual splices
Stokvis Tapes provides a great solution for butt and overlap splicing

Core Starting
To ensure a perfect start to a reel, use a single coated or double coated tape

Automatic Splices
Use Stokvis Tapes to eliminate the need for stopping or reducing the speed of off-line coaters, supercalendars and sheet-formers

Reel Closure                       
Whether for temporary or permanent reel closing, reel identification or reel packaging Stokvis Tapes has all products that you require



  • Double sided tapes for automatic splices and web repair
  • Single sided tapes for manual butt splicing
  • Single and double sided tapes for core starting and roll closure