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Warehousing & Logistics Support

Different markets, vastly different logistics demands. Consider: an entire Healthcare product order might fit in a large box. For an Automotive product, it might require a full pallet. And for larger demands, an entire warehouse. Scale alone demands that inventory management capabilities be extensive and well capitalized.
Stokvis Tapes offers exactly that. As part of ITW, a global network of climate-controlled warehouses stands ready to put both raw materials and finished products where customers’ supply chains demand they be. So sourcing teams for OEM manufacturers can count on regional or local warehouse convenience to support their operations.
For customers challenged by long-lead-time raw materials and short product deadlines, Stokvis Tapes can hold materials in safe storage until required. Best practices include first-in, first-out protocols to ensure adhesive shelf life is properly managed.

Logistics - Logistics

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